the ultimate holiday treat

Earthy nutmeg, a bright pop of orange and, of course, luscious pumpkin rounds out our ultimate holiday delights.

Pair it with your favorite cup of tea or coffee, or enjoy on its own. We won't judge... we're too busy scarfing down a slice as we type.

Of course, there's always comfort to be had in our fan favorite, Sour Cream & Cinnamon, if you're not of the pumpkin inclination. Walnut shards and a rich swirl of cinnamon sugar will bring you back to simpler pleasures.

More Holiday Favorites

Blueberry Cake

We use only the best wild blueberries of Maine and fill this cake with 25% more delicious fruit then most bakers use in their recipes. The top of the cake is then enhanced with a cinnamon/sugar mixture sprinkled over more whole blueberries.

Chocolate Ecstasy Cake

This is a triple threat for chocoholics. Our velvety, dark chocolate cake with pure chunks of semi-sweet morsels inside and silky, smooth chocolate ganache icing poured on top is ringed with crushed California walnuts which makes this an experience you must try.

 This product may contain walnuts, please see the Additional Product Information.

Cranberry Cream Cake

This moist yellow cake features a perfect blending of tart cranberries with the sweet taste of orange which provides a light refreshing experience.